Windy Redfish Totems

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Mid-slot redfish

Went on the hunt again today and even in the stiff breeze I found some redfish up shallow and they were willing to eat. Three underslot fish came to hand easily, and the middle slot redfish put up a good fight. The big one got away unfortunately after a missed hook set but that fish could have stretched 33 inches and was easy to see especially after she swam right up to my feet in shin-deep water!

Totem Odem

Totem Odem

This time of year shade is scarce so a quick detour for this makeshift and weather beaten shanty was warranted. Alas, the hard shell beach surrendered no fish even as the totem stood guard watching intently.

Back at it again soon, still have a few dates open in June.

Keep your hooks sharp! Capt Kenjo