The ditch less travelled

Fly fishing Port Aransas Rockport redfish guide

Hard earned but… Oh! How sweet it is!

When the (super high) tides throw you a curve ball simply bob n’ weave and with a little luck your fly line floats like a butterfly and your hook stings like a bee…. just not in your bare foot or in the cover, but in the mouth of a worthily scaled foe. Enter Mr. Redfish, ┬ástage right, or maybe left, but most usually, behind you. There! 2 o’clock! 25ft and closing!

Brent and Mike did just that, stalking sly red drum way back in the back of the furtherest back lake where the ditch less travelled is half the width of the boat. It took some hard earned team work but Brent and Mike earned their Level 1 salt badge.

Red drum fly fishing Port aransas

Brent’s first redfish with heart shaped spot

The clouds made a real challenge for their eyes and eventually they were rewarded with their first redfish. Patience, endurance, good humor and attitude paired with an ability to climb a steep learning curve is what made their trip a great experience and ultimately successful.

I have a couple dates open this week. Give me a call to get on board. There are plenty more redfish out there and we are still seeing a handful of 30+ inch bull reds up in the skinny!
-Capt Ken 361-500-2552