Spring Fever Sprung

Schools of black drum and redfish all day in one spot. Only reason to change spots is to give the school you’ve been whacking a break.

Single and doubled up reds cruising the open sand flats midday on a slack tide crushing crabs.

fly fishing, texas, coast, guide

Slurped a top water crab fly

Redfish working an isolated turtle grass bed nailing grass shrimp, crabs, AND silversides.

Gangs of redfish in the mud creeks racing the grassy banks busting shrimp. Their crushers doing major damage to the blue crabs.

78 degree, calf deep water.Tails up for hours and well past sunset.

fly fishing, texas, coast, black drum, fly fishing


Sight casting to tailing fish no more than 30 feet away every 3 mintues. Nailing a fish 8 ft from your tippy toes after 6pm. That’s not easy with a 9ft rod. It’s always good idea to work on your short game!

These are just a few highlights of how great the fishing has been lately.

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