Post No Bills

Got out today with new client Tom after tropical storm Bill’s wrath had passed. The joke is that we got more wind/rain back in the month of May.

Return customer John had another good time before the storm with me chasing a few tailing/schooled up redfish on a super skinny tide.

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Sight casted in 6″ of water!

Today’s long story written quickly is that Tom got his first redfish and flounder on the fly today and congrats to him for putting in such great effort! Never giving up always brings the reward and the highlight was when Tom ALMOST caught a 20-lb jack crevalle on a white crease fly!

Tom first Redfish on the fly

Tom first Redfish on the fly

We were running between spots and a surface disturbance caught my eye off in the distance. I decided to swing wide and go in for a closer look and found out that a wolf-pack of jacks were finning the surface, their entire dorsal fins were sticking straight up above the water and about 20 of them were just cruising on the surface. Tom got the fly in front of one and it crushed the fly and had him so surprised we didn’t get a good hookset. Then Tom did it again and got the fly out front and this time we were sure to get a good hookset! The fish took off for the horizon and took close to 100yds of backing with him and the entire school too. But while the spool was spinning feverishly in reverse I heard a clanking on the deck. I look down and see something shiny and when I pick it up I realive it was spool knob! Dang! we yelle! This fight just got alot tougher with no way to reel in all that line with a big jack on the other end! So we used the boat motor to chase down the fish with Tom manually stripping in all the backing the fish made a hard run before we could get close and ended up popping the 15-lb tippet. All in all it was another gorgeous day on the flats with a big jack on the Hatch surprise!

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Something is missing in this photo

Winds and weather are steadily improving and the fish are beginning their staging patterns again to get back up skinny. Give me a call to book, I have a few week days open.

-Capt Kenjo 361-500-2552