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KenjoFly Charters is proud to announce that the redfish are hungry and returning to the flats in good numbers. Their presence will continue to grow exponentially over the next month or so. Having spent quite a few days on the water since Harvey searching from here to there and both near and far, the consensus was the same immediately following Harvey… redfish were small and scattered.

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Best fish caught since Hurricane Harvey passed through the town of Port Aransas.

But now with the frequent Northers we are getting the extremely high tides are beginning to drain and the slot redfish are moving back onto the shallow flats and each day we are seeing an increase in numbers and size of the redfish. We even got to take shots at some absolute slobs this past Wednesday. I have tons more photos to upload. I’ll get around to that towards the end of this month if my availability doesn’t fill up (email me to learn available dates in late October early November).

I have joked in recent weeks that the town of Port Aransas looks no worse than after a busy July 4th weekend. It is my way of adding a little sense of humor to the wreckage that Hurricane Harvey left for us all to clean up. A huge amount of debris has already been removed from the curbs and I now have a nice mountain range [of garbage] to gaze upon. The trash in town seems to come out of thin air and accumulate in large piles overnight, and expect it to be that way for a little while longer since pretty much everything got trashed. The flats of course are not trashed as nature has a way or recovering from natural disasters MUCH faster than civilization.

redfish, port aransas, hurricane, harvey, texas, coast, bend, fly fishing, rockport, corpus christi

Best fish on Brad’s first day sight casting redfish on the fly. A 25 inch pumpkin tailer!

Some Guests have already braved the unfamiliar torn apart town. They ventured with me out onto the water dodging some new hazards in search of redfish and the weather conditions in the last week have been more than favorable to target these fish by sight from the skiff. A lot of new territories has opened up and reshaped much of the topography of the haunts that the South Texas redfish prefer. The redfish aren’t confused at all and the best indicator I am seeing is that the bellies of these fish are completely FULL.

The excitement is building each day and every time we go out in search we are seeing more and more fish. About half the fish are tailing and the rest are cruising crushing bait once pushed into ambush. There is no shortage of redfish at which to cast and Anglers are staying on point and busy most of the day taking shots at the hungry red drum. The average size is also increasing and in the near future schools of redfish should begin to appear as the North winds shift and begin to prevail.

October is fairly booked but a few dates are still available here and there. November last year proved to be a fantastic time leading up to Thanksgiving and I expect the timeliness to be similar if not early. Therefore late October is also prime (DONt MISS OUT!)  and has a good number of dates available for anyone who hasn’t already booked with me. Simply give me a call and we will get things coordinated. Just call me direct! 361-500-2552

redfish, port aransas, hurricane, harvey, texas, coast, bend, fly fishing, rockport, corpus christi

Succulent Crawler

Lodging is coming back around in Port Aransas as well as places to eat. Below are links to places local to Port Aransas and lists what is open to accommodate our Guests in this regard. Other lodging and food options are available in Corpus Christi area as well.