Nearshore Fly Fishing the Texas Gulf

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Feisty jack crevalle on fly

On the third day of a successful Texas Tarpon Hunt with a score of 1/6, the poon eluded me the 3rd day and just before a strong warm front hit. The full moon certainly have the seas roiled up and will be so for the next few days. Looks like the break from the winds will come Thursday and I am looking forward to getting back on the water.

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Doubled up with jack crevalle blitz

Saturday afternoon’s clients absolutely tore up the jack crevalle fly fishing with top water popping flies and glass minnow or bay anchovy flies. The action was nonstop with many double hookups on these little young of year jacks. I absolutely lost count of how many fish we caught. Kudos to Eric and Dakota for not letting the wind get the best of them and holding fire until the boat was in good position! Their quick and short casts with few false casts had these guys hooked up constantly. It was great unhooking one fish from the port side then having another one to unhook already boat side on the starboard.

A few days prior the tarpon were feeding well, and 2 have been jumped while blind casting. Don’t hesitate to methodically and thoroughly work a likely area. You never know, a 4-footer might just surprise you! Also remember to check every hook for sharpness when you tie it onto your leader and check it frequently while fishing. Lost fish shouldn’t come from dull hooks!

Some dates are available for charters on the flats for big redfish with a single angler, or near shore trips up to 2 anglers using fly and spin gear as provided. Feel free to give me a call (361-500-2552) or email ( for more information.

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Jack Crevalle Blitzing  near shore the Texas Gulf Coast