Moving targets

Fly fishing port aransas redfish flats saltwater corpus christi guide

Twenty-eight point five inches

Today was filled with many moving targets and most of them were willing participants in this little game called fly fishing. Best fish measured 28.5 inches and kept David on his toes running in and out of the grass and mangroves that peppered thw salt flats of Mustang Island.

Fly fishing port aransas redfish guide saltwater flats corpus christi

Hooked up again with a spare redfish on the sideloop

The tides are good and has steadily kept the fish moving up shallow and they are eating heartily. David learned the various techniques to entice those skinny water redfish quickly and displayed good form in waiting for those reds to set themselves up for the best shots. We fished only one area all day, never having to fire up the outboard engine until time to head home.

Fly fishing port aransas redfish

Nonstop action

All in all it was a fine day on the saltwater flats of the Texas Coast and much to be remembered.

Some dates in June are still available if you want to get on board and take your own shots at some of these fun filled redfish. Give me a call ASAP to get your preferred dates booked!

-Capt Kenjo 361-500-2552