Hot Redfish

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Letting Go of Big Red

On the lowest of tides in South Texas the wildlife is thriving on most every flat. You can smell all the animals out there in the still clean air.

There is a plethora of migratory shorebirds of all sizes and colors, scrounging through the matted sea grass and mud of the flats that are now drained. Litle white-yellowish butterflies flicker about in the breeze looking for a mangrove blossom. The sounds of locuts and cicadas fgill the air but the cadence breaks everytime a redfish crashes on some bait along the shoreline.

For someone who has lived way out in the country and even in the big cities, the fragrance of Mother Nature is most appealing.

Aromas of fresh shrimp, crabs, oysters and fish permeate the morning air and my nose tells me it is going to be a fantastic day fly fishing the Lower Texas Coast.

Within minutes of setting up on the flat, we begin to see large fire-orange glowing triangles breaking the surface at over 100 feet away. REDFISH Schools! And Big’uns at that!

We are surrounded. There! 9 o’clock! 60 feet and closing! A fleet of six dark shapes emerges from the diamond glare of the sun. Swimming in a fighter-jet formation, heading straight for the boat are massive well-fed top-slot redfish sweeping across the flat crushing any bait that dares let them get too close.

texas, gulf, sheepshead, coast, fly fishing, port aransas, rockport, corpus christi, laguna madre

Bah Bah Bah!!!! She ate with reckless abandon!

“Hey Man?” the guide whispers loudly, hoping the angler on point can hear him but trying not to spook the gang. “There’s a tail at 11o’clock, 40 feet from your tippy toes. See that sheepshead looking right at ya! CAST!” The fly lands a foot short of the fish, leader straight and the game of chase begins. The man on the bow starts stripping and stripping and the fish follows, slowing closing the gap. Then suddenly, just when we think the fish is going to bail, she commits to eating and just nailed the chartreuse shrimp fly throwing a rooster-tail of water behind the line as it ripped away from the boat. “Ahhhh! Sweet!” the man on the bow exclaims.

texas, gulf, redfish, coast, fly fishing, port aransas, rockport, corpus christi, laguna madre, tailing,

Diamond Redfish

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