Hareline Dubbing Mullet Imitator

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Hareline Dubbing Baitfish Emulator Flash makes a great mullet imitator

Having recently discovered Hareline Dubbing’s Baitfish Emulator Flash I instantly knew it would work perfect for tying finger mullet patterns on the big gaped tarpon hooks made by Tiemco (600SP) in 1/0 & 2/0 sizes. These flies are sure to smell like fish. Its only a matter of time. Everybody hurts sometimes.

This particular pattern uses splayed tail hackles (4-6 hackles max) then hand blended some ice dubbing (also by Hareline) for the body using a dubbing loop to build the shoulders of the mullet. The dubbing is tapered in thickness as it is applied to the dubbing loop to give the bulk forward placement on the fly. The emulator flash is then tied in at the front like a collar and palmered in place 3 or 4 wraps then tied off. The bottom fibers can also be trimmed if desired.

Overall I am truly impressed with this material as it is a way to build the body of baitfish patterns with ease and cuts some time from behind the vice which can be a while for me. Over the next few days I will continue playing with this material to see what else can be tossed around.

 Keep those hooks sharp,
Captain Ken Jones
Kenjo Fly Fishing Charters
Port Aransas TX