Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Fly Fishers!

Sitting here this evening I am reminiscent of all the fishing adventures throughout the seasons and know that none of it would have been possible without each of you. In the last 20 years of using the fly rod, I am thankful for the many comrades and mentors who have fished with me. I’ve learned many great things from all of you over the years and look forward to making more fishy memories and continuing to learn much more!

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2013 Thanksgiving Sheepshead on fly

The Fall season seems to have skipped us almost entirely, and after this last five day cold front it seems we are jumping head first into winter this year. There are still plenty of redfish to be caught. Flounder are making a showing and the trout can be found. And wouldn’t you know it? The sheepshead are beginning to return to the flats. These sticklers present an even greater challenge with the long rod. Surprisingly, this fine fish ate in muddy water with the Cottontail Crab dragged at an inching slow pace.

Don’t pack the gear away yet though! There are plenty more bluebird days out there to stalk redfish, and they will be tailing again soon now that the last norther has blown alot of the flood tides out of the bay. This will certainly help fish get into a feeding pattern. Fly fishing for redfish, trout, flounder and sheepshead really picks up this time of year and a careful watch on the weather will keep you poised to strike on short notice! Look for me on Facebook where I will be posting last minute openings to fish prime times!

Keeping the hooks sharp,Captain Ken Jones