Gulf of Mexico Tarpon

REPORT: Fly Fishing for Texas Tarpon Heats Up

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12 wt getting BENT

The early morning was rainy and achy on the Gulf of Mexico near Port Aransas but on my second attempt to get out of the truck I was able to buckle my Korkers to my feet thanks to a seriously strong coffee brew. Within an hour or so, I hooked two tarpon and lost them both, landed a 32incher, jumped a fourth (about 4ft long) and as it flew 8 feet in the air it threw the hook.

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Fly caught 32″ Tarpon successfully released.

Then another schoolie tarpon eats my fly, jumps and is also free.

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41 inches on this 12wt fly rod! The Hatch Reel stopped this fish within 121 feet.

Huge Bull Redfish and mini jack crevalle were literally blitzing on menhaden balls and I managed to land a 41inch redfish out of the melee. Then of course, I turned my back on the bulls to try to hook another tarpon.

Dates are open for charters if anyone wants to fling some flies and take a shot at any of these fish plus more! -Kenjo 361-500-2552

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Hungry Hungry Jack