Donkey Jack Crevalle on the Fly

Please allow me to introduce you to one of the most powerful saltwater fly fishing gamefish of all time: DONKEY Jack Crevalle!

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While drifting over massive underwater structures, it can be difficult to determine which fish you have hooked into initially. Mullet and menhaden fly patterns produced large jacks today and can even draw strikes from Ling (a.k.a cobia). Unfortunately, no Ling were sighted today. The tides were slightly outgoing early this morning and had the water cloudy near the normal structures where we find these monster fish. Nonetheless, I was extremely happy to have had this Beulah Bluewater 13/15wt paired with Hatch Outdoors 9+ in my hands when this donkey sized jack crevalle ate my fly today because upon the hookset this fish took off like a rocket and headed for Mexico!

While prospecting another area I caught a blacktip shark on conventional tackle, but 80-lb flourocarbon leaders are definitely not sufficient.

sharks, fly fishing, blacktip, conventional, tackle

Blacktip on conventional gear… going for them on fly rod next

Tonight I will be adding some hay-wire twists to the boat bag (and maybe even a chum bag to ride)…

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Keep your hooks sharp,
Captain Ken Jones
Kenjo Fly Charters