Churning Food Chains

In the last two weeks (and several fishing expeditions) a warming trend has swept over the South Texas Coastal Bend area and prevailing winds evolved from 30kt Northern blasts to calm winds light and variable from the Southerly direction. This trend has signaled the food chain to spring into action and species of all shapes and sizes have been eating reasonably placed flies eagerly.

Sheephead, fly fishing

Crunch N Munch – Sheephead on Fly

The 2013 season is looking better and better and even as I write this the birds are chirping and the sun is greeting us this morning at its usual early hour undaunted by what few clouds remain in the sky. A crab pattern experienced recent developments and produced a banner fly-fishing day on the flats with 4 of 5 species coming to hand.

crab flies, texas, flats, coastal bend

Strike a pose

The prized catch of the day was multiple sheephead on fly, while slot redfish, black drum and wily pompano also ate well.

The sheephead usually hang near deep-water rocks and structure but they also move well into the flats during late fall and stage there thru the winter to take advantage of the prolific crabs that are seeking shelter and warmth in the soft dark mud bottoms.

Good numbers of speckled trout exist with many quality gator trout and can also be taken on the fly. The gator trout seem to be more territorial and usually the larger trout can be found just one or two rocks away from the last one even though the big ones are not holed up in a single spot.

fly fishing, pompano, corpus christi, bay, port aransas

Bay side Pompano on Fly

This time of year it is important to not be discouraged on those few brutal winter days and persistence is the key to locating a strong and consistent winter bite.

The new wade fishing spot recently explored has really proven to produce fish in multiple weather conditions and stays in my mind. Even though the hike is torturous the action is hot enough to warrant the leg work needed to reach this honey hole.

redfish, flats, fly fishing, port aransas, mustang island

3 on the right, 4 on the left. That makes this red fish a 7 spotter

All good things come through hard work, which is why fly fishing negatives are actually positives in a crazy anglers mind.

Get your boots on, lace’em up good and get out there to explore the surrounding environments. What you discover may be as cool as a consensual lightning welk orgy, or even better yet, a fish on the end of your fly line. Remember to keep your hooks sharp and your wits even sharper.

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Giving chase!

Bull redfish can be found and taken on fly if a person is willing to devote precious time into locating them. Three inch mullet patterns are great for searching out these big fish around the rocks and where water currents exist. The reward is exceptional and greater satisfaction comes once a creature of this caliber is released unharmed to maraud unsuspecting baitfish.

bull, redfish, fly fishing, on the fly

39″ Long X 21″ Girth = 19.6lbs est.

Captain Ken Jones
Port Aransas, TX
Kenjo Fly Fishing Charters