Beating the Drum

stonecrab on the move

On Guard!

While it has been a long time since I sat behind the musical instrument know as a drum set, it was refreshing to hear the beats that the black drum can make.

The black drum can produce loud drum-like beats which is how it got its name and surprisingly can make these sounds a a quick pace and repeating intervals.

black drum



These fish were hungry today and put on a good strong fight but due to higher winds and slightly deeper water conditions (knee deep) a more heavily weighted fly was necessary to stay in touch with the fly during the retrieve and made the strikes of these drum more easily detected. At one point the silversides were feeding on the back of my leg and the ghost shrimp are also starting to appear more frequently and can be seen flipping about like a single drop of water landing on the surface of the water.

black drum on the fly

heavily weighted flies turn tricks

Since the water’s surface was choppy from the steady wind with overcast skies it made sighting fish nearly impossible it was important to continue to slowly work the area making short casts in a fan-like pattern gradually increasing distance and angle with each cast and it showed that this technique can be used as a searching pattern and produced many more black drum before the day ended. The fishing is hot and only getting hotter with each day that passes so give Capt Ken a call or shoot him an email to book your trip!

Keeping the hooks sharp,
Captain Ken Jones