Wading Jamaica Bay

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Wet wading Jamaica Bay in March

In a mad dash to arrive at Jamaica Bay to test out my new 12 wt setup, I jump out of my buddy’s SUV and realize that my waders were resting neatly all rolled up under the fly tying desk back at home.

Not to be deterred, the 40 degree cold water was bearable up to my kneecaps… any higher and it was getting pretty darned cold!

I just couldnt wait to begin field testing the new 12wt from Rise Fishing Co paired with a Hatch 9+ reel and Rio’s Leviathon floating line! I had some big poppers and prototype flies which this rod is designed to throw and I have to tell you, it sure threw some mighty fine casts in steady 25knot winds from the NNW!

The trick to casting in windy conditions is to setup your best angle even if a back cast is necessary. If you are a right handed caster, the best wind angle should be with the wind coming across your left shoulder to the right… This will cause the wind to blow the line safely away from your body which is very important when tossing heavy or big bulky saltwater fly patterns.

Utilizing any more than two false casts, and you’ll watch your line become a slave to the relentless wind. Begin your cast by holding the line just at the end of the rear taper with the forward part of the line out past the rodtip. Make a roll cast to get the line moving and out in front of you. You can also incorporate a single haul during this rollcast to give the line even more energy, then make the back cast, shooting a little line, stop the line, give it another haul and make your final forward cast. Incredibly, it was just amazing that this 12 wt could then shoot the next 50-60 feet of line!

Here in the Northeast, winds are prominent, and learning to take advantage of this fly casting technique can cut alot of false casting out of your day, saving energy in the long run, which in turn allows you to fish longer and be in your best condition to catch your next giant striped bass or gorilla bluefish.

Applying these few basic fly fishing techniques into your routine will make a dramatic improvement in your casting after just a few outings.

Hope to see you all on the water soon, Sweet Pea will be splashed just after I get back from the Carolinas.

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