Summertime Striped Bass in NY

jamaica bay bass in july

This was just a small bit of what we encountered yesterday

Typically by this time people have turned their attention to other species like tuna, mahi mahi, fluke, and porgies but dont overlook the striped bass just yet! They are still here on the west end of Long Island, only minutes away from NYC compared to the long haul out east… We got on the stripers big tme yesterday just a few miles from the dock and produced countless fish on fly, spin and poppers, all between 18-27 inches. There are also some biggers ones in the mix, just gotta catch a few of the schoolies to get into a real brute! Give me a call immediately to book a trip in the next few days before this water turns into a hottub and the bass dissapear until October!

Keeping the hooks sharp,
Captain Ken Jones
Kenjo Fly Fishing – Guide Services
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