Striped Bass Jammin

Jamaica Bay Stripers

Want to pet a striped bass?

Although many people haved frowned upon all the cloudy and rainy weather we have had recently, this has actually in fact turned on the stripers, and they have taken up transient residence in Jamaica Bay! The best part of all this weather is that the wind has been minimal. The topwater action has also been very good when placing the fly in the right spot and when imparting just the right action! Move it too fast, and it wont get touched, and if you move it too slow, it will still be ignored… The key is to keep it moving erratically, changing up the cadence as much as possible without moving the fly too far on each strip!

There are still a few days free in May and not too many left in June! Give me a call or shoot me an email asap to get onboard to take your shots at some of the biggest bass of the year!

Call: 361-500-2552 or