Sight Casting Stripers


Illegally Parked Striper

Good Morning America!

It was such a pleasure to host Alex and Peter of Patagonia River Guides for a little saltwater flyfishing R&R (rest and relaxation) while they were visiting NY!

Hands-down these guys are some of the best fly fisherman to which I have had the privilege of working with!

There are days when all factors in the equation are present, +fish crazy anglers +loads of bait-fish swimming freely, and +fish = chances for some serious action. But sometimes at the end of the day you know the fish showed up and they won this time. The best way to deal with knowing that the striped bass ran game on you was that you know you had just as much fun as the fish did! At least everyone showed up for the game!

On some rare occasions, a day like this ends up standing out most among any other day spent on the water fly fishing… Something phenomenal happened on that strange day and as lifelong fishermen, we know that we were the lucky ones to have been in the right place at the right time to witness such an event.

No matter how many times I get the chance to observe fish feeding up close and personal, it is still an excellent experience when you spot a striper resting at peace, motionless like a piece of drift wood in the middle of a giant school of bunker hovering over deep water… You think to yourself, how crazy are those bunker to be swimming circles around that giant bass!?!?!?

And then it happens…

Whoooosh! The water ignites into a burst of spray that will soak you and large speeding wakes flow in multiple directions by the lone striped bass making his move…

I cant help but imagine how a huge striper like that just mosey into a school of bunker, as if completely undetected… It is just an amazing thing to watch… Until next time…

¡adiós! mis amigos