Warming Trends

NY Stripers in July

Rockaway Striper caught in July

As the weather warms the water and the gulf stream continues to push its warm currents closer to shore, the fishing is heating up more than ever! Any given day, there have been opportunities to head out early and get on some really big bass, which are hanging around the remaining schools of bunker that are still present in NY Bight and Lower NY Harbor. This particular activity seems to be winding down as the water temperature begins to rise past the 70 degree mark.

Mahi Mahi visit NYC

These dolphinfish were very aggressive!

These Mahi-mahi came into the spread completely covered in solid blue neon colors! She hit the shotgun rigger and she put on a spectacular show! These fish are aggressive and travel in packs…

We will be hunting these beauties through the summer along with some school bluefin… Plan to use some hookless teasers to get’em on the fly!

With over 7 species of baitfish in the water and more on the way, there are great chances to have a fantastic summer run of spanish mackerel, bonito, skipjack tunas and certainly the false albacore.

Give me a call asap if you want to get out on the water!