Little Tunny of Montauk NY

Montauk’s False Albacore are running strong!

Afternoon Blitz in Montauk

Montauk Albie Blitz

There are times in Montauk New York when the water starts to boil and this is a result of the highly migratory hard-tails, a.k.a little tunny, striped bass, and bluefish that make a pit stop off the east end of Long Island for some hot and heavy feasting on the plentiful baitfish this area breeds. The falsies in the last few weeks have been strong and plentiful, growing noticably bigger by the day and are very cooperative to jump on the hook and give most any angler the good time they came looking for! There were a few days when they seemed to be pickier than other days, but catch rates were still high, all one has to do is change their flies often, and vary the presentations and retrieves. Keep changing it up until you find what really gets them to bite on that particular day.Sage 8wt at work

Many days were spent fishing in extremely thick fog and rain and visibility was so poor that you could not see more than a few hundred yards. But on a few occassions, the sun came out and blessed us with its warmth and some great visual action! It is so exciting to see these speedsters appear out of nowhere and take your fly in an instant then return to the depths with 100ft of fly line and at least 50 -75 yards of backing in tow.Hunkered down during bad weather in Montauk NY

Everyone needs a break every now and then, and inclement weather is just right for taking the time to replenish the hard hit fly boxes after several consecutive days of EPIC Albie Fly Fishing in New York! The striped bass action should be heating up very soon, and I still have dates open in Montauk so just give me a call directly to get in on this action! Keeping the hooks sharp, Captain Ken 361-500-2552