Flies beat artificials on NYC striped bass

Loads of life have poured into Jamaica Bay NY recently. Bunker schools are growing thicker and tons of heavy sonar marks indicating big striped bass are appearing in just all the usual places. Trust your sonar and work the area thoroughly then move onto another area until you find the fish that are feeding. If they are not feeding in one spot at one moment, they will be a little later when the tide is a bit different. Keep moving and working different areas and you’ll run into them.

JBay Striper


Surprisingly, the biggest flies and the smallest flies were not as effective, but anything medium bodied really got smacked by these fat striped bass. It is a good idea to not horse these bass, as you can see the result from the picture, even if they don’t feel big and especially at boat-side! These bass are full of energy and ready to rock because of the prime water temperatures. Normally for this time of year, the water temperatures are colder and the bass are more sluggish. But that does not hold true this season. It was impressive to feel the brute force that the broad shoulders and heavy heads of these bass could put out and even forced another Sage xi3 to bite the dust… Would be prudent to say that 10-weights are better rod of choice considering the strength of these fish…

So get in on the action one way or another and get out there! These fish have tails, and are not shy when presented with the right size offering! And remember when it comes to fly fishing for striped bass in NYC, you cannot catch a fish if the fly is dry!!!

Keep your hooks sharp,
Capt Ken Jones