Striped Bass are in Jamaica Bay

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The spring season is upon us…

…and the water temps are rising quickly as the striped bass begin to move into Jamaica Bay on the hunt for food. Luckily for the bass there are still herring inside the bay, and the bunker are gaining popularity as well. This past winter’s batch of fresh bunker and herring flies should do just the trick! Only a few days ago some lethargic bass were even playing cat and mouse with a nice sized popper fly creation that evolved from the tying desk of Kenjo Flies this past winter… Cant wait to really see this secret popper fly in pure form and action!

With Sweetpea locked and loaded, all systems are a go. Everything has been checked twice, and most things were even triple checked… Last Sunday was windy but proved to be a very good sea trial for the season, and Sweet Pea handled the wind waves just as expected…

This weekend I will be heading to Charleston, South Carolina for some much needed R&R with my ‘lil lady after such a very long winter in the city! It is safe to say we are definitely ready for some warmer weather!

There are still a few dates available in May so give me a call to make your reservation ASAP!

Keeping the hooks sharp,
Captain Ken Jones
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