Invaluable Valuables

There were notable days, and single notable catches. Each were spectacular in their own way due to the uniqueness of how the catch was made. What I find most intriguing about these mentionable catches is that it was what the FISH did that made it most exciting. Other times a particular catch stood out among the rest because of how much effort which can require not only a high physical level of endurance but also a mental endurance of epic proportions… Thus why the catch took the “blue ribbon”. The striped bass shown below blessed my father by giving him the privilege to battle this glorious specimen and it brings me pride knowing that my Pops had a chance to catch, battle, admire and release such a marvelous creature…

2011 record striper

The striped bass pictured above was caught and released on live menhaden during late June in the NY Bight vicinity. Because this fish bottomed-out a 30lb Boga, we only took her measurements (length & girth) and after using several different online calculators the estimated weight for all the calculators (including the online, IGFA calculator) came in at over 40lbs. I am so happy to know that this fish was released very lively, because returning the freedom of life that it had earned by surviving the ocean long enough to grow this big shows how life is resilient. This valiant effort that took place between fish and man can teach us all important lessons and the lesson is that any fish that is killed just so it can be “certified” as a record is a true waste! Letting a fish like this live so it can continue to contribute to the resource is most invaluable! I am certain that our future generations of children and their children would agree!

Keeping the hooks sharp
Captain Ken Jones