Inshore Bluewater Fly Fishing

NY Bight Fishing Report

Hookless Teasers on the Troll

Fly in hand, teasers on the troll

We headed out to the nearshore fishing grounds (15-20mile range) on Saturday for a double-header bluewater tour… The seas were certainly more calm during the morning run… loads upon loads of feisty almaco jacks can be found under the buoys… and you just know that there are some mahimahi and other hard-tails lurking around… Just check the SST and Chlorophyll charts to find the right temperature breaks and clean blue water… We marked some good sized fish on the sonar but couldnt get them to commit on the fly… There were plenty signs of life such as tinker mackerel, sardines, spearings and sand eels… The shearwaters (petrols) were also in close and are good indicators of hard-tail activity. This of course only caused the hard-tail fever to grow stronger, against all attempts to settle the nerves…

Will be out there scouting again this week when the weather permits!

Call or email me now to get onboard and be ready to throw a fly behind a hookless teaser!

Keeping the hooks sharp,
Captain Ken Jones
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