Hurricane Sandy deals NYC

Bravo New York! The tough will survive!

In the last week and a half you have endured many rigorous and high-stress challenges. I can only imagine what it is like to be there right now.

Like most hard-core outdoor enthusiasts, New Yorkers are just as hard-core as the rest! Considering the conditions you all have experienced in the concrete jungle recently such as no power, no transportation, loss of communications with little fresh food, water supplies low and no lights. Hopefully at least you can see the stars in the sky!

Over these last two weeks, many wonderful memories of all of you that I have fished with or worked with during our time in the Big Apple have been in mind. I wish you all warmth during these next few weeks as the weather continues to disrupt the flows!

Here are a few favorite pics from the last few years in good ‘ole NYC! And if you want to get out of there come on down to Port Aransas. We’re stocked up with redfish, trout, and yetis!

Coldest Cooler Yeti

Nothing is colder than Yeti cold!


Hooked’em good in Jamaica Bay, but let’em swim their way home.

Double Stripers

Jamaica Bay Demo







Good thing I took the GPS coordinates for this spot!

Topper for the day

How to really rock Jersey







Gateway National Wildlife Refuge, New York

Already miss this sonuva beach (Breezy Point NY)


The story behind how and on what this fish was caught will surprise you all. This fish has got nice color too!






1x Bass + 2x Bluefish

Hilarity ensued on this day. Great to have them onboard and inboard!







rough seas at breezy point new york

Sandy did much more


this is just a small problem compared to what Hurricane Sandy did to Breezy Point.