Fly Fishing NY Harbor

Striped Bass NY

Just an average size striped bass

The quick turn from Winter to Spring almost makes everyone think that summer is already here! I will never complain as I love the warm sun more than anything!

With the air temperatures already reaching 70 and bluebird skies that New York has experienced recently, this has caused the top layer of the water column to warm nicely while the lower portion of the water column has remained cold. Of course this has the fish spread out all along the surface which can make it difficult to locate fish. BUT, it can also bring about some explosive topwater action! Knowing the minute details of the area you are fishing such as underwater structure, currents and proximity to habitat, utilizing patience is critical and covering alot of water with your fly can prove to be worthwhile!

I’ve always said, “Trust your sonar, but do not let it be your only set of eyes into the water”! The last week or two has felt like being a baseball player watching a hundred change-up pitches whizz past, if you dont adapt your strategy several times throughout the day it isnt hard to strike out… The keys are to use stealthy approaches, keep a wide bearth when near other boaters, and just because the gulls move on does not mean all the fish moved with them!

Please keep in mind when you are out there, that one 28inch fish (when filleted properly) will feed a housefull of people, as long as you dont forget the hushpuppies, coleslaw, and potato salad! Throw the biggest fish back alive! They are better for breeding than for eating!

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