Flats of Jamaica Bay

Spring scouting mission on the fly Jamaica Bay Flats (a.k.a bunker heaven)

Recently, a pre-season scouting session inside the remote areas of Jamaica Bay revealed a very nice set of lengthy flats directly adjacent to a back bay main channel and will soon prove to be very productive habitat for actively feeding striped bass on a reliable basis.

Fly Fishing techniques that we utilized was a fast sinking intermediate (approx 6 ips) so that we could crawl the edges of the channel with large flies in search of a very hungry bass. From shore though the best type of fly line appropriate for this area when wading is an intermediate line with a sink rate of only about 2 ips (inches per second). Common bass fishing lures are poppers but fly fishing flies make real notches in the belt!

When fishing from shore use the slower intermediate lines because reachable depths within the average casting range are anywhere from 1-6 feet deep. During a very low tide and in some select troughs along the edges of this flat there are some nice holes where a faster sinking line would also produce well when following these few bass fishing tips.

If wade fishing this area, it is highly recommended that an angler arrive at this area at the bottom of low tide and a bluebird day. This gives the angler the time necessary to learn where these holes and steep troughs exist along the length of the flat and help prevent a misstep which could be disastrous.

From a boat, this area should fish very well as you will have a higher platform from which to spot fish feeding along the edges.  The bunker is also expected to move into this area soon, which will provide some excellent topwater action because there are numerous points of ambush for giant stripers!

Another very interesting facet of this area is that it has also been known to have an excellent crab hatch lasting only a week or two and I can assure you that I will be watching this isolated location very closely so we don’t miss this opportunity!

With Sweet Pea getting splashed end of April, all sorts of preparations are in order and work begins feverishly to get everything prepared.

There are still some prime dates available so call Captain Ken directly or shoot him an email for availability and to book your next saltwater fly fishing vacation bass fishing in Jamaica Bay New York!

Keeping the hooks sharp,
Captain Ken Jones
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