Striper Fishing NYC

Striped Bass on top
Topwater Striped Bass

Have you ever wanted to catch a huge striped bass on top?

I have to admit, these fish are brutal eaters! They like to tail slap the bait around and play with their food like a cat with a mouse. Some say they do this just for fun, others believe they do this to tenderize their food before making it a meal. Others think that the fish is just checking their food for hooks, and that certainly makes this fish smarter than most people give them credit for. Another theory is that the fish is injuring their prey to make an easier meal. In my experience, all of these reasons seem to be true at one point or another.

On many occassions I have witnessed these fish hit a plug up to 5 or 6 times before they finally commit and eat… when this happens it can be the most exhilirating time to be an observer and an even more exciting time as an angler!

If you want to chase after these ocean bulldogs called stripers, they will ceratinly test your wits and keep you on your toes simply give me a call to check availability. There are only a few dates left in June and if it was anything like last year, JUNE was the best month for bass fishing!!!

On another note, a moderate to experienced fly fisherman should be able to reach these fish with a topwater fly, something that which is certain to take this fishing to the next level!

To book a reservation, contact me ASAP at 361-500-2552 or email

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