Costa Concordia runs aground

As heard on the news last night, and a shocker for most everyone who has heard about the Costa Concordia is that pressumably, the Captain rescued himself before his passengers and crew were safe… Four thousand people, of which, over 3,000 were passengers… Many were shocked because of the moral code of conduct, in that, a Captain is the last to abandon ship. There is much speculation as to the origin of this Captain’s “Code of Conduct”. But really, it is a simple rule, put everyone else ahead of yourself… a moral code. Or in other words, the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It is a terrible situation to be dealt, but try putting yourself in the other person’s shoes for a moment… What would you do? And, can you be certain, without a doubt, of what you would do? In the case of this cruise ship incident, would you abandon your morals simply to save yourself? Something to ponder over your next cup of coffee… Hopefully, the realization that responsibility also includes present accountability…

CNN is reporting that search and rescue efforts are halted this morning because the ship moved on its own. This is possibly due to the additional flooding of the ship by the rescuers who are blasting holes in the vessel to reach new areas of the ship that were inaccessible via existing hallways and corridors.

MSNBC reports that the Costa Concordia may even break in half posing ecological dangers from the 400 tons of diesel fuel that is at risk of spilling into the environment.