BFT offshore NY

We set sail one day this week at 4:15am and pointed the bow of a beautiful 35 ft Contender Southeast. She ate up the chop taking on an Eastern swell and a sturdy Southern wind wave. Steady as she goes, we made it to our first location at 6:45am to setup on the troll for Bluefin Tuna offshore New York City. With only two boats within sight on the horizon we put out an 8 rod spread. A good mix of lures in the water initially helped us fine tune spread as small bluefin tuna (avg 30-40lbs) began to show us their preferences. As the day wore on we shuffled the rig over to another location just 10-15 miles further ESE and into deeper water and sure enough the fish got a little bigger weighing in around 60-lbs. All in all, we went 7 for 10, releasing 6 fish to swim again.


a hefty 60# BFT