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When you take a saltwater fly fishing adventure with Kenjo Fly Fishing, you will be equipped with precision instruments made by some of the industry’s leading fly fishing tackle manufacturers.

Bull red in the Texas Marsh. Port Aransas Texas Fall Run

Bull red in the Texas Marsh. Port Aransas Texas Fall Run

Hatch Reels will put the brakes on a barreling redfish, even if it is a bull red. TFO Fly Rods will certainly allow you to make the efficient casts needed to put the fly in front of that big red fish.

We will be tossing small and light saltwater flies imitating shrimp, crabs and mullet patterns on 7 wt and 8wt fly rods. When there is a chance at a larger species such as bull redfish, jacks and the elusive Texas tarpon, we will bust out the larger 9-12wts and 4-6inch baitfish flies.

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Giant Jack Crevalle on the Fly

No doubts about it, Kenjo Fly Fishing Charters is armed and loaded with the necessary gear to present any fly, in any situation, to your quarry successfully!

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