South Texas Saltwater Fly Fishing

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At the northern-most end of the barrier island known as Mustang Island, the sun rises every day over the huge expanse of the Gulf of Mexico.  As the sun raises the temperatures, the fishing gets heated from the wake-up calls of hungry Texas Redfish. History of Port Aransas runs deep. In previous ages, this little island fishing village was named after its prized game fish, Tarpon, Texas. President Roosevelt even frequented the fishing village known today as Port Aransas to experience the rich natural biodiversity by battling megalops himself. Redfish are primarily abundant along the Texas Coast and give great fun when flyfishing.

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Endless Summer Tailing Redfish

Throughout the South Texas Coastal Bend, the first known inhabitants were the Karankawa Indians and you can bet they caught their share of fish here too! Then the first Spanish explorer sailed past in 1519 and modernization of the area began with horse and cattle ranches covering millions of acres. For more Port Aransas History click here.


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Monster Black Drum a.k.a. big uglies

There are many species of fish to pursue with the saltwater fly rod around the Corpus Christi area. Numerous flats, bays and inlets all within reach for a great day or two of fly fishing with a private guide. On occasion wade fishing is done to thoroughly work prominent beaches, shoals, sandbars, cuts, guts, passes inlets and marshes.

Redfish port aransas fly fishing Rockport Corpus christi

Backs out of the water

The predominant species which are the most bountiful are the prized redfish. They are known for their bullish nature and will not hesitate to charge at a fly or lure when properly presented. When they do this, a large wake is produced and is an exciting sight to behold. Sneaky speckled trout can also be caught year-round and the seatrout here can grow to trophy proportions. Black drum and flounder can be caught seasonally and make for a good challenge. Mammoth Jack Crevalle invade twice a year and will test your skills and equipment to the limits.

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Red drum on Fly

Not only is Port Aransas full of rich aquatic life, there are miles of expansive mangroves, creating mini cays and creeks. Redfish, black drum and trout use this habitat regularly. Our winter waterfowl selection is also incredible due to the sanctuary this area provides for many species of migrating birds. Not too surprisingly though is the fact that one of the nations largest wildlife refuge is nearby.

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50″ of Pure Rock Fury

Tarpon vacation here for about 4-5 months a year and in the past I have pursued them heavily during peak periods including at night. Spanish mackerel are also abundant  and their bigger counterparts, the King Mackerel, will give you more than enough excitement.

Lastly, the best part of Port Aransas is the culture and kindness the people of the community provide making this a fantastic place to bring your family as well. There are a handful of fishing piers to choose from that are family friendly and are lighted well for night fishing. [After Hurricane Harvey made landfall late August 2017, the Station Street Pier and Charlies Pasture Piers were heavily damaged and are not in use at this time {updated June 2018} although fishing from the bulkheads alongside those piers is still allowed]

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